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TwistFox was created and founded after one of its own team experienced an unfounded and prolonged online attack which resulted in years of torment, defamation and harassment. Seemingly they were helpless against this faceless attack – even the authorities were unable to help.

Business and personal reputations were in tatters as this online campaign gained momentum. It negatively impacted on daily lives and eroded business revenues as this loss of online reputation started to take hold. Staff retention became a major problem, after all who wants to work for a Company with a bad reputation – warranted or not.

The few Online Reputation Management companies that were approached could not offer definite assistance to help stop or even kerb this cyber attack. So after having no where to turn pain-staking hours of research took place and with focused develop followed by trial and error, positive procedures and practices were created which not only removed the offending content but also lessoned its search engine ranking making it less affective – eventually becoming almost impossible to find and giving a perpetual solution to the problem. Online reputations were restored and repaired but only after a two year experience where even the Police and solicitors we unable to help.

So having gleaned a wealth of knowledge and practical experience, whilst being on the receiving end of a cyber attack, we now use our experience to help and assist both the commercial and private sector defend against internet harassment, bullying or defamation. So be it protection, repair or counter-measures our services provide a positive and organic online growth and presence. We give so much more than other web design focused companies coupled with both offline and online marketing solutions

After our experiences we’ve then gone on to successfully help many individuals and organisations and now expand our services to offer a complete Digital Marketing solution.

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