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This week we would like to discuss the issues around web design, many people will often spend quite a large expense on a functional and great looking website and then leave it as is.

Some web services offered in Lincoln, Scunthorpe & Doncaster are prime examples, the process always repeats itself, a client wants an all singing and dancing website and the web designer provides that only to then spend nothing on marketing the website or keeping it upto date.

Social Media, PPC & general SEO are vital to a online presence and there’s no point in having a website if it’s not going to be marketed at all as nobody will be available to discover the website.

Clients should be educated through buying a website and it should be made clear that just having a website will not affect your sales in anyway, offline and online marketing are just as important and in some cases even more important than your website. It seems many people have been sold a false service with regards to buying a website.

If you’re thinking about buying a web design service make sure that you inquire what benefits building a website will provide, and whether or not they will include some basic marketing with the website.

There are many overlooked features or having a website such as:

  • Colour theory (Making sure the colours your clients chose actually flow and share harmony)
  • Copy-writing (Having someone write the content for your website, is nearly always skipped over but writing for the web is very different to writing for print.)
  • PPC (Pay per click advertising is extremely helpful for a new website, even if the budget is low as it will drive traffic to your brand new website)
  • Social Media Management (Having an active social media presence is underrated, social media can drive potential customers to your website and also allows you to build a relationship with your clients)
  • Offline marketing (Flyers and local advertising can be cheap if used effectively)
  • Optimising for Mobile (36% of internet users in the UK are viewing on a mobile device, if your website doesn’t have a set style for mobile viewing you’re going to shut out a large number of potential customers)
  • Testing (Do all your links work correctly? has the website been through more than one web browser to check it’s displaying suitably?)
  • Ongoing Updates (Fresh and engaging content is number one when it comes to having a successful website, it will drive viewers to your website and keep users coming back)
  • Code Quality ( You would be shocked at how many websites are designed with validation in mind, enter your URL into W3 validation tool many websites will contain errors which can be fixed within a few minutes and improve the authority of your website)

Do you have any horror stories to share of web design in doncaster et al? Please share them in the comments below.


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