Latest Ranking Factors of 2014

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The methods Google employs to rank your website are based on a plethora of different algorithms that are changing almost daily. Below is a graph provided by SearchMetrics. It breaks down the factors that Google uses to rank our websites in its search results. Please note that these results are based on the average top 10 websites on the Google search results and the Correlation of the top 30 of the same results, they dont completely decide if your website will be top, but they definitely help.Website Ranking Factors


Click-Through Rate

A click-through rate is when someone clicks a link from Google that directs to your website. The more people that click the link, the higher your click-through rate will be. And as you can see, click-through rate is one of the biggest factors.


Relevant Terms

Number 2 on the list is relevant terms. This means that if you create a blog post about weight loss. Your relevant search terms will be about weight loss. Too many SEO companies create random blog posts about random stuff and then link them all together in a link wheel. This is just wasting most of your time because if you have a weight loss blog linking to a iPhone 6 plus blog, it’s not going to look good to Google as it doesn’t make sense why it would be linked.



If you don’t have a Google+ company (or personal page if you are self employed) then now is the time to make one and start promoting your business through it. At number 3, that means it’s a pretty good factor in deciding if your website will rank poorly or not.



Backlinks are what everyone believes to be the holy grail of page ranking, obviously backlinks are and will always be a major factor but there’s 1 problem a lot of SEO companies don’t realise. 10,000 Backlinks from very very bad content websites means nothing compared to 100 backlinks from relevant quality articles and high ranking websites. Save yourself time and money and start doing your backlinks properly.


Facebook Shares

This one explains itself, if people are sharing your links they are gaining a good page ranking with Google, this isn’t just because they are getting shared, it is also because you are getting clicks to your website and backlinks to other social media websites. Providing you aim your content at the right audience then this holds to potential to be an easy one to do.


Facebook Total

This relates to the total amount of share’s, friend’s, page’s, post’s and comment’s you have.


Facebook Comments

This one relates to #6 and is also self explanatory, comment on relevant content and this proves links to your page from their comment section. Don’t spam!



Providing your company is the type you can pin (NSFW aren’t allowed) stuff, then you’re in for a treat, anything you do, pin it and you’re on your way to the top.


SEO Visibility of Backlinking URL

If you use a tool like Searchmetrics, review how your site’s SEO visibility has been trending on a month-over-month basis to quickly identify any areas of success or slippage which may need more investigation.


Facebook Likes

The amount of likes your company has received will directly affect your websites ranking one way or another.



If you keep your Twitter active while engaging other Twitter users in conversation, this looks good in Google’s eyes and they use it to determine if your website is worth ranking highly or not.


The rest of the factors after here are things that you would need your website administrator to implement. Alternatively, contact us and we can get your website on track to ranking effectively in Googles results.


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